Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Beach Ed 2017

Beach Ed 2017
On Friday the 24th of november Some year 5's and 4's went to beach ed, we learnt how to swim and what to do when your in trouble or caught in a rip.Also we played a couple of games of paku, a game of lifeguard say's and a game of seeweed. Here are some photos.

Here is connor, He is modeling
what lifeguards wear or you should wear.
Henry trying to think where to go.

Ollie and Kleeshae modeling what to do
when you save people, from drowning.

Playing seeweed

Beach Ed Rules

1. Always swim between the red and yellow flags
You should always swim between the red and yellow flags because if you don't, and you are swimming on the outside you can get caught in a rip, also the lifeguards only watch in between the flags.
2.Always have an adult watch over you
Always have an  adult to watch over you because if you don't and you're caught in a rip or something you will have noone to save you. But if you do have an adult watch over you and you are in trouble your adult can save you. 
3.Listen to the lifeguards
If you don't listen to the lifeguards and you go into the calm water that's bad luck because calm water is a rip that can pull you out to sea, but if you do listen to the lifeguards and go into the right part of the sea you can swim just fine.
4.Never swim or surf alone
If you swim alone and you are drowning but no one is with you then you cant be saved but if you are swimming with someone and you are in trouble you can be saved from one of your friends.
5.If in a doubt stay out
If you really want to go to the beach but it is a really bad weather or if there is no lifeguard then dont go swimming. But if it is a really good weather or if there is a lifeguard then you can have a good swim.

Those are all the rules you need to know before you go to the beach.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Calendar Art

This term I have made some wonderful art and they were cats on a fence looking at the dusky night sky with a shadow black tree in the backround.The were three choices they were a tocan,fros,collage art and cats. Here are the steps: 

  • Get white paper 
  • Draw cats 
  • Make sure there as big as a playing card
  • Choose the best cats
  • Colour the cats in or do a patten 
  • When you colour make sure you don't use a black pastle
Those are the cat steps its time for the fence step:

  • Get a strip of paper 
  • Grab a dark owk brown pastle,a light brown and white
  • Draw fat even lines on the strip of paper with the dark brown
  • Draw little bits of light brown inside the fat even lines
  • Go over the little of brown with the white
The you are finish your fence time for the backround steps:

  • Get a white plan paper 
  • Paint it and dark blue
  • Mix blue and white together
  • With the light blue make a big circle 
  • Paint inside the big circle
  • And you have your moon
You have finished the sky but you haven't finished the whole backround all you need to do is this:

  • Cut a straw into a tiny one
  • Grab ink
  • Poor a little bit of ink on your sky backround
  • Put your tiny straw ubove the ink
  • Blow on the straw cranky ways
  • And you will have your tree
Then you have your backround but make sure you glue them all together.Here is what my art looks like 

Thursday, November 16, 2017


These are my silhouettes 

It took a lot of hard work but it was worth it, I love art, it is one of my favourite habits. My favourite part of doing art is creating my silhouettes. My favourite sport is karate cause I love making new friends and learning to defend myself. 
My art is about all my sport I love to do. The silhouette on the top left is a netball silhouette, The silhouette at the top in the middle is a dancing silhouette, The silhouette on the top right is a gymnastic silhouette, The silhouette at the bottom right is a horse riding silhouette, Also the silhouette at the bottom in the middle is a karate sillhouette which is my favourite sport and the last one at the bottom on the right is a rugby silhouette.
This is how you make it

1.You have to have a clear peice of paper and trace and sillhouette on the peice of paper

2.You cut them out and draw the outline on a black peice of paper and then you cut them out\]

3.After you have finished cuting out your sillhouettes you get a white peice of paper and draw curved squares for your sillhouette to fit

4.Once you finished your background you color in the cureved squares in with pastels but they have to be all cold colors or all hot color 

5.Then you glue on the silhouettes 

And then you have your wonderful art.

The learning mucsle is used is Perseverance because I had to work really and I mean really hard to finish this. I was able to complete my art with confidince  =D

About The beach

This blog post is about the beach and how to                           be safe at the beach✔ 

Swim Between the flags✔

If you see red and yellow flags make sure you swim between them because the lifeguard that are on duty the part they mostly guard would be in between the flags, if you dont swim in between the flags you can get badly injured or even death if possible.

Related image

               Have an adult watch over you✔

Make sure you have and adult watch over you other wise you could be in danger and get injured really bad, if you have and adult watching over you its good because if your in trouble your adult can save you.

Image result for Parent and a kid symbol

            Always listen to the lifeguards✔

If you dont listen to the lifeguards you can drown or get hurt horribly. When a lifeguard tells you something make sure you listen to them cause you can have a good day and have swim.

Image result for Surf life saving nz lifeguard

                Never surf or swim alone✔

Never surf or swim alone becuase if your drowning no one will see your and it can cause you to die or get badly injured. If you have someone to swim or surf with and if your in trouble your friends can save you.

Image result for People swimming together cartoon

                               If in a doubt stay out✔

If you have no life guard watching over you but you think the water is calm well be careful because that could be a rip, and if you think can handle, you cant. The way to get out of  a rip is to swim side ways and your free, this only works because if you swim side ways because if you swim fowards you can get puffed out. So its better if you swim side ways. 

Image result for Beach with a bad weather

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Volcano PBL

Have you ever wondered why volcanoes erupt? Or what is inside of a volcano? Well you're in luck cause my amazing report will blow your mind from all of these wonderful facts that I have learnt. I hope you enjoy it.

What are volcanoes?

Our planet called earth has four layers. The crust is the outer layer. Below the crust lies the mantle. Inside the mantle is a hot rock about 2,900 km thick. The outer core is mainly hot liquid metal. The inner core is solid which is also known as the earth’s centre.
Also did you know that the inner core is hotter than the sun.
Volcanoes form when the tectonic plates collide  which can make an earthquake as well. Also when tectonic plates collide they can make the crust  rise and forms mountains which is also known as a volcano.When the tectonic plate crash or meet magma will form beneath the crust and when the tectonic plates pull apart the magma will rise and rise the magma will rise and push the dirt high to form a volcano, also the magma will keep on rising to the surface then will become lava.
eruptions are caused by weakness in earth’s crust, The earth's crust is made by tectonic plates. Eruptions are caused when the tectonic plates meet or if there are holes in them.   
Puhapuha ( Erupt )

What are volcanic rocks?
Volcanic rocks are rocks that burst out of a volcano. Some of them can be useful like pumice. There are more useful rocks but i haven't discovered them yet. Some Volcanic rocks can be harmful like pieces of magma and rocks, full of gases which are poisonous.  
kōura papatea ( Rocks ). Here are  4 volcanic rocks.

Pumice Comes from a Volcano, Pumice can be  really light because there are holes inside of them made of gas.
Image result for Pumice
(Picture by google)
Obsidian looks like a type of glass formed by  rangitoto that starts to have a tantrum . Some maori people used it for weapons.Also if you break an obsidian the obsidian is sharp enough to cut.
Tūhua ( Obsidian )Image result for Obsidian
(Picture by google)
Quartz is the most common mineral on earth. Sometimes people quartz rock crystal. Quartz are white and there kinda clear so u can see through the quartz, If you didn’t know that.Takawai ( Quartz ) Image result for Quartz
 (Picture by google)
Granite is a light colored rock. It forms when magma below starts crystallizes slowly. Granite has three different color’s and they are red,pink and grey or white.   Coarse grained granite
(Picture by

What Impact do volcanoes have on the world we live in?

  • Farming- How volcanoes can help farming is the heating from the lava can heat the crops when you water it and when it’s a really cold day
  • Heating- When a volcano erupt the lava comes pouring down but if the people are lucky enough the lava could stop near the village, on a cold day the people will receive heating from the lava.
  • Metals/Stones/rocks- Volcanoes can be really helpful cause when a volcano erupts some different kind of rocks can come bursting out, and the people who mine for their village mine the volcanic rock and can find things really helpful inside like heaps on diamonds. Some useful rocks are pumice,gold,iron and coal. The reason their helpful is because when village people travel with there special rocks they will probably be lucky and find a big village where there is money you can trade and for your diamonds and all your rocks for money. When you have heaps of money the village people can have enough money to afford a plane trip to another county.
  • Destruction- Sometime a volcano erupts the lava can flow everywhere through a village and destroy the whole thing. If you're lucky enough get high and will be able to survive.

  • Damage-After a volcanic eruptions
  • Pollution
  • Harmful
Caused by lahar,lava,gases and ash.

Here is my book cover. This has 
all the information inside.

Here is my volcano model.
This was really challenging.

Nikau hub had to choose what you are going to do for your topic and we only had two opitions, they were volcanoes or insects. I went for volcanoes because i'm not into soft things so here are some photos of my PBL.

The learning muscles I used for this task was my perserverance muscles. I used this muscle because I was kinda behind so I was trying really hard to finish each activity but I perserverered and finished my whole task.

What I enjoyed the most is making my model, becuase the painting was really fun also because I got heaps of help with the painting.

What was really challenging was shaping the volcano because the chicken wire was hard to bend and cut but I was able to shape it just how I like it.

What I am most proud of is was finishing the whole task because I was behind but I got heaps of help and then I completed it.