Friday, May 26, 2017

Thank you letter

Room 6

Parkvale School           
Howard Street     
IMG_20170516_073627.jpgHastings 4122             

Date: 24 May 2017


Dear John Howard

I am writing this to say a huge thank you for spending your time with Nikau hub/teachers.

At Kaitawa there were heaps of activities but caving was my favourite activity, because I liked shimmying along the cave side so I didn’t get my shoes dirty. Luckily there was a ladder at the end, that was one of my highlights.

Another thank you for helping my group with our potatoes and carrots for Masterchef, they tasted amazing. Oh and also for our mince, it was the best.

Thanks for using your energy to guide us to the right activity and helping us survive the cold winter winds when we went on our bush walks. That's another highlight.

Here’s another highlight, and this highlight was the best. Kayaking was the best activity because Steven and I dashed off and tried to crash into everybody and also tried to splash my besties with water.

You are such a great parent to everybody including your beloved family. Thank you so much I really appreciate you for helping us on masterchef and coming second.

Your Sincerely



Monday, April 3, 2017

Writing Reflection

My Special Place

My Special Place by Keiarilya

  1. Cold Breeze
  2. Waves crashing
  3. Soggy sand
  4. My Nana
  5. Seagulls

I felt the wonderful cold breeze fanning my face.The breeze wondered everywhere.Whoosh the wind cooled me down like a pack of peppermints.I shivered my skin off as soon as we got there. Finally the sun rose higher so that meant it would get hotter. I thought ‘I think it’s getting too hot. Oh well’

The sand blew my way like specks of rain.”He He” I giggled,the little bits of sand tickled my legs as I was walking.Squish Squash,I laid my feet on the damp soggy sand, Eww. Nip Nip,I saw something under the sand AHHH! I saw a crab. “Luckily it didn’t nip me” I said to myself. Okay I’m out alright, let’s go Nana.

I heard the waves crashing like lightning striking near ground.I listened carefully I can just about hear the ocean calling out my name.I slowly dipped my feet in as I was gently looking for shells.Whish Whish, The waves sounds are like rain pouring down like a big tsunami. I found a shell I can hear the mystic waves clanning each other  like a sledge hammer hammering a colossal nail into a wall.

I listened to the seagulls squawking like a radio on volume limit. Wow that’s an amazing coloured seagull its white,green and blue.Go away seagulls,The seagulls came diving in to me and my nana's food. Those annoying seagulls. Look over there a big bunch of seagulls, BOO! I said loudly and chased them away.

Holding a wrinkled hand claimed by my Nana. Me and my Nana loves listen to the waves crashing together.Splish Splash,I splashed my Nana with water in enjoyment. Me and my Nana are nice and calm watching the sun slowly fading.Okay it’s time to leave my beautiful special place. Bye my special place.

Illustrated by: Keiarliya
Written by: Keiarliya

What went well for me
What I will do better next time
 What went well for me is I had 4 main ideas and I got enough complex sentences for my writing.

What also went well for me is I added enough detail to get the reader thinking and it still reminds me about that happy memory.

What I will do better next time is add more describing words to my sentence.

What also I will do better next time is add more sentence to my story of my special place.  

Thursday, March 9, 2017

5 Facts about me

                        5 Facts About Me

My Favorite animals are a puppy/budgie and kitten🐕 

My worst day would be when I had go to my nanas grave. I didn't want to go but I did because I just loved her too much and I still do love her.

My BEST fact is how I had my first smile. When I was a baby I saw Nevaeh as a baby just like me. She smiled and then I smiled and thats how long ago we knew eachother. When we were older, we became friends. 

My Favorite Cartoons is Anime and kawaii. Anime means something that people draw but cute. Kawaii means something super super adoreble.

My Favorite hobby's are dancing, singing, dabbing and shuffling.

Monday, February 20, 2017

All about me

          All About Me

Best memory
My best memory was when my baby brother was born.
He arrived on the 7th of October.Somehow I cried but luckily it was happy tears. Luckily I didn’t have to watch I would just throw up, but I still love my baby brother like I always will.
A most loved hobby
My most loved hobby
Is art because I have a cousin who is really good at art and I've started my own art and craft club.Everyone in my art group loves art.Another reason I like art is because every art is unique.
A fun fact
When I'm bored I go outside and ask my siblings to play with me,but my siblings don't want to my dog plays with me on my tramp.
Another fun fact is when I’m lonely I just read a book and when someone wants to play with me
I on and like a page with a big number on it like 189.
What makes me laugh
What makes me laugh is when somebody tickles me and when one of my siblings pull a funny face and the my baby brother tries to copy.What also makes me laugh is the animals in the zoo.